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The International Student's Blueprint is now available!

The purpose of this book is to help you make the most of your overseas experience as an international student. It’s crafted for people who are really committed to their future and for those who want to pursue a dream.

The book has five chapters, all containing practical strategies to make sure you keep progressing. In Chapter One: Your Situation and How To Win, we will analyse where you are in your journey now, followed by a strategy to start building momentum in your life. In Chapter Two: Finding a Job Regardless of Visa, we will challenge popular assumptions about finding a job in your field of study. Next, in Chapter Three: Master the Basics, you will learn about fundamental components to your success and happiness as an international student so that you leave nothing to chance. In Chapter Four: Upgrade Yourself, you will be challenged to improve your goals and motivation, and we’ll work together to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed regardless of your situation. Lastly, in Chapter Five: Take Action, you will find the ultimate strategy.

By the time we’re done, you will have a master plan to make your dreams come true.

What people are saying about The book...

Amazing source of information!
— Mona Rangel
I finally started receiving calls for interview!!!
— Lucy Zhang
Great book, easy to follow strategies that brings results.
— Yuri Petrov
Got a PAID internship offer after reading this book, simple strategies to boost your job search.
— Rafael Goez
For international students (like me) around Australia: you’ve got to read this.
— Romeo Fiasco
Reliable information about the reality of employment in Australia!
— Raul Zante
I can’t recommend enough, phenomenal book, the first in its category. International students NEED this book.
— Ramon Muik
After reading chapter 2, I applied the strategies and got a full-time job in Australia! The best investment I’ve ever made. If you’re a visa holder, buy now!
— Jaison Hernandez